2001 - 2002

National Awards

National Trust for Historic Preservation

    2002 Notre Dame - National Trust/HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in

    Historic Preservation

    2002 The Arcade/Hyatt Hotel - National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor

    Award for Excellence

American Institute of Architects

    2001 The Arcade - AIA Cleveland Exceptional Accomplishment

    2001 Colonial Marketplace - AIA Cleveland Exceptional Accomplishment

National Association of Housing & Building

    2001 Bridgeview Apartments - Best Loft Development in the U.S.

HUD Secretary Award

    2001 Notre Dame Academy


Ohio Awards

Ohio Senate Recognition

    2003 Jonathan Sandvick - Award for Excellence Resolution

Ohio Historic Preservation Office of the Ohio Historical Society

    2001 Jonathan Sandvick - Merit Award for Historic Preservation Achievement

    2001 Otis Terminals - Merit Award winner

Cuyahoga County Commissioners

    2003 Fries & Schuele - Recognition for Excellence Resolution

    2003 Tower Press - Recognition for Excellence Resolution

Downtown Ohio, Inc.

    2002 Rawson Block - Downtown Ohio, Inc. Award for Best Adaptive Re-use Project in Ohio

Cleveland Restoration Society

    2001 Colonial & Euclid Arcades - Preservation Award Re-use

    2001 Arcade, Cleveland - Preservation Award Rehabilitation of Older Structure

Northern Ohio Live

    2001 The Arcade - Award of Achievement

Cleveland Engineering Society

    2002 The Arcade - Award for Excellence