Clarendon Hotel


1889 | St. Clairsville, Ohio


The Clarendon Hotel is significant for its association with the National Road, which also serves as St. Clairsville's Main Street.  The 3-story L-shaped commercial building exhibits Romanesque Revival style design and was an important lodging stop for travelers in the 20th century. The building was a nuisance to the city in recent years as the abandoned hotel became the target of graffiti, vandalism, and frequent break ins. Beginning in 2013, the top two floors were converted to sixteen residential apartments, with retail space occupying the first floor.  The historic lobby, stair, and skylight were carefully  renovated to main the interior character.  This is Sandvick's first project implementing a micro-unit residential strategy, which is an increasingly popular trend in cities across the country.  With over 18,000 sf, the project was completed in 2015 at a total cost of approximately $4 million.


Services Provided:  Architect of Record, Preservation Consultant for Federal & State Historic Tax Credits