Jonathan Hale House


1825 | Bath, Ohio

Jonathan Hale, Original Architect


In 1810 Jonathan Hale, a farmer from Connecticut, migrated to the uninhabited frontier of the Ohio Country, now known as Bath Township. Hale lived with his wife and five children on the property in modest accommodations until constructing the three story brick farmhouse from locally sourced materials.  Construction began in 1825 and was completed by 1827, establishing a centerpiece to the property that would house three generations of the Hale family.  Completed in two phases (2003, 2008) the $1 million project involved the stabilization and restoration of the existing farmhouse for use as an exhibit by the Hale Farm and Village museum.  Restoration efforts intended to return the 5,854 sq. ft. building to its historic character ca. 1850.  Jonathan Hale House is now used to educate visitors about the life of the Hale Family, the evolution of a 19th-century farmhouse and early farm life in the Western Reserve.


Services Provided:  Architect of Record